Friday, March 5, 2010

more Alice in Wonderland cards

Two more cards I made for the play my son is in. The stamps are from a set I got from RedEowyn. The Dodo Bird is for the band director. I used a sheet of music form a very old piano book dated 1918. I found the book in tatters at a used book sale. You can see the paper is very brittle. I really liked this title for the card so I choose to think the tears give it character :) I used Bravo Burgundy ribbon and card stock. The Alice card is for the Art Teacher who has made incredible scenery with the help of a group of students. One of the scenery pieces has a flamingo on it so I thought this was a good image for him. For this card I used SU's Cameo Coral, and Bravo Burgundy for the mat and photo corners, I colored with prisma water color pencils and a blending pen. I have two more cards to make, the school's other art teacher is helping with the program and some work on the scenery and a parent volunteer is making almost all the costumes, by hand, by herself, wow!
thanks for looking!

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